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ClearView Management Resources

Empowering Potential, Unleashing Opportunities: ClearView’s Expertise at Work

Why Us

Wholistic, Fully Integrated Performance Solutions Specialists; Talent System Engineers

Talent System Engineers

We have proven methodologies to advance talent, processes, and company growth that will be used transform your organization into a more agile, sustainable business.

Transformation Methodology

Our D8 systems approach, a “best practices” processing tool,
that minimizes emotional thinking and maximizes
business logic processes which integrate factors such as
research, hard data, critical thinking, specific talents’ expertise, benchmarking, collaboration, analytics, ROI, and prioritization when creating solutions. (Click to See Video)

Integrated Thinking

We collaborate with you to discover and define a holistic, integrated, and clearer view of your situation along with the paths to improve it

Experience Success

Our leadership team has been trained by the top system engineers in the world and bring years of business leadership successes to your organization

What Our Clients Say

“Karen’s coaching provided me with so many talent tools that I used and other Executives within our financial institution used to achieve objectives that before her we would have simply abandoned. Her approach to business activities such as “Management Accountability”, Job Descriptions, Sales Management, Mergers & Acquisition, and Problem Solving dramatically increased our corporate performance!”

– CEO of a Medium Sized Banking Firm

“Michael has been an exceptional expert Coach in the field of Talent Management (TM) for me in the past two years. Michael’s leadership, experience and wealth of knowledge with TM design and solutions has been valuable for me as we created a sustainable workforce with new skills and competencies. His overarching approach regarding TM process and design encompasses the critical areas required to build a successful and talented workforce. If you are looking to upgrade your TM process and build a stronger higher performing workforce then contact Michael.”

– CEO of Covestro; Large International Manufacturer

“I just wanted to write an email to all of you and let you know how grateful I am for providing leadership training to our team…the feedback has been so positive, after every session they are motivated, coming up with new ideas, finding new ways to break down barriers with each other and their communication with each other has improved immensely. I am so impressed and happy with the results! The team also adores Mac…”

– VP Corporate Development and Past Interim CEO at a manufacturing company

“The report Mac wrote as the result of the OSU study he conducted has been like a MFG Talent Roadmap for me!”

– Director of Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Let’s Build Something Together